Wednesday, July 21, 2010

:: Deep, deep in my heart::

Why always i'm the one who will be hurt??
why only me who feel like this to you??
Why should i have this feelings toward you??
why i'm always happy when i see you 
though you don't even noticed that i'm there??
Why it is always me who still here for you??
Why i cannot throw you out of my mind??

How should i fixed this heart??
when i look at you, do you will look at me back??
even for a while??
you know how much its hurt deep inside when i saw you with her??
when i look at you, you look at me back ...
i was so happy but then i realize that she's behind me...
how can i smile when you smile at me while you by her side??
Why i am the one who have to carry all this burden in my heart??
even tomorrow i'll die can i feel your love??
can i look your face??
can i hold your hand??
can you be by my side only for a day??
can i hear your voice singing to me, talking to me??
can you look into my eyes??

why i have to be like this??
because i love you..
why i still waiting for you, while i know you will not be with me??
because i love you..
yah.. because i love you.. i did all this.. i can't do  anything except looking at you from a far distance i really hope you can hear my heart calling for you.. hows my heart beating so badly when you passed by.. hows my heart bleeding so badly when you're with her.. hows my eyes are telling how much i love you.. why can't i be the one who's stand by your side?? you treat me like i'm not exist ! maybe for you i'm nothing but for me you're everything... because deep, depp in my heart i'm always LOVE YOU.. T__T