Thursday, July 8, 2010

:: Pinkish Chocolate::

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ok.. aku baru reka cerita.. hahaha..
aku tau mungkin banyak grammar mistakes or apa apa jela..
tapi janji ampa paham apa yang aku nak sampaikan nooh..

i don't know what happen with all people around me. they keep talking and thinking about love. They just 14 years old and i think its not a suitable time for us to wasting our time just about the stupid thing called love. sometimes i felt annoyed when my friends always talking about it in class. when they ask me about my love story i just keep my mouth shut and not saying any word. i couldn't tell them the truth that i never had a boyfriend before and i never had a sweet memory about love to share with them. this make me feel very tiny among them. its quite embarrassing. And after sometimes i felt like blowing the candle off. But then i just let them be in their world and me in my world. maybe after a time when they get bored, they will shut their mouth up. But suddenly, something that i never expected for it to happened.

For the first time in my life a boy gave me a chocolate. I got shocked when when i look into my locker, there was a bar of chocolate. the chocolate was tied with a cute pink ribbon with a note with it. I read the note and i felt like the world had turned upside down and i felt like banging my head to the wall but i know it would hurt a lot. According to the note he gave me, he's confessing his feeling towards me and i don't even know his name. he just wrote his name acronym on the note. how can i find him? Many things running in my mind. I kept thinking for this all night i can't sleep. when i'm trying to close my eyes the chocolate will appear in my mind. I can't be like this for all time or i will die because of not getting enough sleep. I look at the clock hanging on the wall. its almost but i can't sleep. i can't let the chocolate haunting my mind. I wanted to throw it at first  but then, i felt hungry furthermore, its my favourite chocolate, I cannot let it be in the dustbin. So i ate it at last. The chocolate melts on my tounge, i can feel a flavor of love. weird that's all i can say because i had eaten the same chocolate for many times but never taste it like this. So crazy is this thing we call love.

ok ok.. mesti ada yang kata kan?? isshh bila nak habis??
hahah dah habeh dah pon!!!!!
bye!! jumpa lagi di next entry..